Shifu Brett Xing Wu Russell doing Praying Mantis Stance

31st Generation Great
Master Shi Defon

GreatMaster Defon spent many years training under the guidance of Grand Master Shi SuXi, he also studied under Shi SuYun during his later years at the temple furthering his skills in Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Medicine. GreatMaster DeFon has a rich family history in Kung Fu as his grandfather and great grandfather were both Shaolin fighting monks. His great grand father Zhao Yu Fan was the last empress of China's head bodyguard and medical doctor. Zhao Yu Fan taught Yu Zhen Sheng (a leading exponent of Chaquan and Northern Shaolin) and Xu Gong Wei (a famous Chinese doctor and head instructor of Kung Fu for the Army at Nanjing city). Greatmaster DeFon became a indoor disciple of Xu Gong Wei when he left the Shaolin Temple to pursue a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. GrandMaster DeFon is now considered a Shaolin Folk Master and currently holds a 7 Duan Wei by the Chinese Wushu Association.